is many things.

It is an upgraded urban food park. It offers a diversity of restaurant-grade food and casual eats at affordable prices. It is enlivened by multi-dimensional entertainment experiences. But the single focus is making sure you eat well.

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From 10 August 2021, Timbre+ will be open with safe distancing measures in place for dine-in groups up to 2 pax. Or enjoy all your favourite Timbre+ food delivered to your doorstep in a single order with our island-wide delivery!




Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday, 6am - 11pm.
Sunday 11am - 10pm.



Timbre+ - Live On The Plus Side (Food Edition) ft. Peggie Neo of Food League Singapore Timbre+ - Live On The Plus Side (Beer Edition) Timbre+ - Live On The Plus Side (Music Edition)


Let us entertain you.

Live music from Monday to Saturday nights.

Bottle Shop

Nope, you won’t find the usual run-of-the-mill beers over at Timbre+.

Pick up a bucket at the start of the row of chillers and immerse yourself in the world of boutique, seasonal and limited edition beers at our Bottle Shop. This is a rotating menu of beers so visit us regularly to find out what you may just discover.


We know how hard it can be to start up a new F&B business. Trust us, we’ve been there.

Find out here how we can help.


Timbre+ is Timbre plus many of our food partner-friends. In this community, there are 14 restaurants and outfits helmed by chef-owners and F&B entrepreneurs, two stalls by new-generation hawkers and rest are traditional mom-&-pop hawkers who feed us around the clock. Read on to see who’s in the neighbourhood.

home for singapore culinary talents

We are much motivated by the belief of enabling the careers of Singapore (and Singapore-based) chef-owners, F&B start-ups and hawkerpreneurs. Timbre Group’s core social mission is to cultivate the Singapore music scene and nurture homegrown music talents, and has been the “Home for Singapore Musicians” for the past 11 years. Now, with Timbre+, we have added “Home for Singapore Culinary Talents” to our social mission. And these are the folks on board for the ride ahead.


National Day 2021 Operating Hours

Food Partners who will be open on 9 Aug 2021 (Monday)  #01-17: Asialicious | 9am – 3pm #01-19: Kim’s Fruit...

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