Wing Lam

Chef Wing Lam was born in Hong Kong but grew up in California. He first stepped into F&B at a small humble mom-&-pop’s Japanese restaurant. From there he jumped from place to place to acquire more knowledge and skills in sushi and the Japanese hot kitchen.¬†Always being curious of other culinary arts, he landed a position at Parcel 104 to participate in the farm fresh California-American fare. Working with an ever-changing seasonal daily menu was very inspiring and ignited his journey to keep learning. After a period at Ozumo San Francisco, Chef Wing went from Los Angeles to Boston and back and joined the opening team of Gordon Ramsay at The London Hotel in West Hollywood.¬†As he worked across the states, the daydream of going back to Asia transformed into a desired next step. After a stint with the Lan Kwai Fong Group in Hong Kong, an opportunity came up in Singapore to open an edgy concept for a little known F&B group at that time called Kinki. Following Kinki’s success, The Fat Cow came in succession. He later joined the Tunglok Group as their in-house consultant. His final project with the group was to transform a little cup of New Orleans Cajun sauce brought back from the states into the Dancing Crab. From there he jumped out to start his own culinary solutions outfit, The Lemonade Stand, embodying the philosophy that food should be whimsical, fresh and always fun.