Jeremy Loh

Born in the 1980s against the humble backdrop of Fifth Miles Kampung, Jeremy’s childhood days were mostly spent with his grandfather and playing with the geese that populated it. When he wasn’t terrorising the local avian population, his fonder memories consisted of the times when his granduncle would bring him to his chicken wing stall. Even as a young child, he always knew that he wanted to start up his own business in the future. The succulent wings created by that little Toa Payoh Lorong 5 stall only made him more determined to achieve this dream.

This road to fowl glory however, was paved with many pitfalls and hardships, most of which consisted of convincing his granduncle to loosen up on his tightly held chicken wing recipe. The old man steadfastly believed that Jeremy was better off flying high than sloughing his life away cooped up behind the kitchen as a hawker. Sheer perseverance and a steely resolve in proving that he wouldn’t give up when the going got tough finally resulted in the coveted recipe being entrusted to him.

As a food joint that proudly believes in a “take two!” philosophy, this food credo is also extended towards offering second chances and opportunities to any who need them. Two Wings has stepped up in helping out inmates and ex-offenders from the Yellow Ribbon project in which they are taken in, taught, guided and eventually become a part of the family. In addition to this, Two Wings also took part in charity initiatives such as President’s Challenge and are looking to participate in many more.

Two Wings believes that good food only taste all the better when balanced with a helping hand.

Jeremy Loh