David Yim

He ditched his stable career and named his brand after a cow’s mammary gland. Meet David Yim, the man behind Singaporeans’ well-loved ice-cream chain, Udders.

David Yim is the founder of local ice-cream chain, Udders, which all Singaporeans are now very familiar with. After being a secondary school teacher for 6 years, he decided to ditch the world of books for the colourful universe of ice cream in 2007. Now known as the Chief Milkman, David has the enviable job of dreaming up new ice-cream flavours for Udders. Asked whether teaching or making ice-cream is an easier time, David answers “Of course ice-cream. The ice-cream doesn’t talk back!”

However, life is not a bed of roses for David. Having no entrepreneurship experience, building the ice-cream business to what it is now has no secret recipe but pure hard work and perseverance.

With just his liquid nitrogen machine, books and the internet, David started experimenting and perfecting his recipes until 3am every night for 4 months. Finally in 2007, David together with his wife Peck Lin, opened their first outlet in Novena serving 15 unique flavours. These include their trademarked alcoholic flavours such as Orange Choc Bitters and Tira-Miss-U.

With now eight outlets and over 30 retail locations island wide, the couple sees Udders making its mark in the international market as the ultimate achievement for them.

Udders is proudly Singapore made and owned. Welcome to the world of fresh, kickass ice-cream!


David Yim

Chief Milkman