Andy Li

Andy Li graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and started work in the banking and finance sector, specializing in mortgages. However, after a few years in this sector, he realized that his parents were not getting younger but are still spending a lot of time tending to the family’s prawn noodle business. He then decided to dedicate his prime to play a part the business to reduce the burden on his parents. He spent many hours in the main shop at Paya Lebar to learn the art of making a piping hot bowl of prawn noodle.
After completing his apprenticeship, Andy played a part in modernizing the operations through the introduction of technology including the use of POS systems, queue management systems as well as a partnership with 3rd party delivery platforms. With the operations at the current outlets well under control, Andy is leading the expansion with the 3rd outlet at Timbre+. Having being inculcated with the ethos of always providing quality food to customers, Andy seeks satisfaction in providing a comfortable bowl of prawn noodles which will warm their hearts of customers.