Look no further for a good night out.

We’ve got you covered Monday to Sunday (and then some)!



Every Monday | 7.45pm to 11pm

Kollective was form with one common objective, to share their love for music.
This band features lead vocalist/bassist Sofia, lead vocalist/guitarist Johan, percussionist Jamie and lead guitarist Riff. Together, they accumulated years of experience in the “live” music scene. Coming from different backgrounds, they could play a wide range of lively repertoire and genres, playing hits from every decade.
Kollective promise to deliver a high energy performance to keep you wanting for more!

Tyen x Vishaal

EVERY Tuesday | 7.45PM TO 11PM

Tyen x Vishaal is a musical acoustic duo formed by two aspiring musicians. The two met in 2010 and bonded through their obsession with classic hits that no one else their age seemed to be listening to. This common interest led to them collaborating on covers ; revisiting these timeless melodies while adding their own unique twists. Both also enjoy adopting genres like folk, rock and blues when taking on covers of top 40s pop songs. Their myriad of influences include The Beatles, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Adele and Michael Jackson.

The acoustic folk duo has played at popular local venues such as Wala Wala (3 years) , Timbre Substation, Mad Men Attic Bar, CMPB, VLV,  to name a few.


Every Wednesday | 7.45pm to 11pm
Every Friday | 8.30pm to 12am

SuperSonic is an eclectic mix of experienced musicians who came together with a common goal – to share their music with the masses. Comprising of talented individuals with years of experience shared amongst them in the local music scene as well as abroad, SuperSonic is an act that promises to invigorate live music lovers from all walks of life. Their wide repertoire from Top 40’s, to rock, to evergreen classics and more, caters to all ages.

The Common People

Every Thursday | 7.45pm to 11pm

The Common People plays top 40s pop rock and party tunes from the 80s, 90s. They take full ownership of making the audience cry, laugh, lose their voices, and blamed by their friends for having their toes stepped on whilst dancing.

With vast individual musical experiences, the members of band came together with a desire to create a crowd-pleasing vibe. Being as versatile as they are, the band plays exactly what the crowd wants to hear at the appropriate moment. As there is no prearranged set list, expect to hear something new every time and do put down your song requests.

The Common People appeals to a wide demographic from teenagers to the more mature crowd. Everyone will hear the songs they know and love. 

Sweatshop Jam

Every Saturday | 8.30pm to 11.45pm

Sweatshop Jam was formed on the basis of friendship and their need to perform songs from the 80s that would take you on a walk down memory lane. Even if you aren’t a fan of that era, the band is apt at current top 40s numbers to mix up the repertoire for a good night out.

The band’s members hold a wealth of experience both as performers and entertainers in the Singapore and regional music scenes Their collective vision and mission as a band is to entertain, engage and electrify by giving listeners amazing experience which will keep audience coming back for more.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”
And yes they will!

The Switch Gang Acoustic

EVERY Sunday | 6pm To 9.15pm

The Switch Gang Acoustic is a 3 piece acoustic band of crowd’s favourite The Switch Gang. From the old to the new, the east to the west, the sweetest ballad to the most rocking anthem, English or Mandarin repertoire, the band has got it covered. The guys are veterans of the Singapore Mando-pop scene and have played in some of the biggest and most successful live music venues in Singapore. They have also done stints in the vibrant Macau casino entertainment scene to great reception.