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Timbre X @ The Substation, Switch by Timbre X and Timbre+ will be open for takeaways and deliveries only from 7 April to 4 May 2020 with Safe Distancing in place.


Lucky Strike

Every Monday | 6.45pm to 10pm

Lucky Strike is one of the most unique semi-acoustic bands in Singapore. Their sound is heavily influenced by the usage of electronics and samples to portray the new-aged sound yet balancing it with melodious instrumentals and intense vocals to ensure that the audience are able to vibe together with us. Their line-up features a young, dynamic and versatile crew having worked with various musicians and artists from the local music scene in Singapore. Lucky Strike typically operates as a 4-piece semi-acoustic band but they can also sing as a 2-piece acoustic duo to fit the client’s needs during certain events.

Lucky Strike features lead vocalist, Kalysa, lead vocalist & guitarist, Halim, keyboardist, Reno and Drummer, Vimal. The collective flavour and personalities contributed by each of them have crafted the unique sound and outlook for Lucky Strike which is very well received by the audience. They often get comments like, “You guys are only a 4-piece band and yet sounding so full, big and entertaining.”


Every Tuesday (2-piece acoustic) | 6.45pm to 10pm
Every Friday | 8.30pm to 12am

SuperSonic is an eclectic mix of experienced musicians who came together with a common goal – to share their music with the masses. Comprising of talented individuals with years of experience shared amongst them in the local music scene as well as abroad, SuperSonic is an act that promises to invigorate live music lovers from all walks of life. Their wide repertoire from Top 40’s, to rock, to evergreen classics and more, caters to all ages.


Every Wednesday | 7.30pm to 10.45pm

Dynamic, versatile, fun and entertaining, Shagies is a six-piece cover band established since 1987. The Singapore homegrown talent plays a tight mix of dance, Latin, pop and rock hits from the classics, retro and till the present.

Their signature hits include Bohemian Rhapsody, Phantom Of The Opera, I Will Always Love You, Purple Rain, Still Loving You and all-time Cantonese favourite, Hai Kuo Tian Kong. Come party with them!


Every Thursday | 7.30pm to 10.45pm
Every Saturday | 8.30pm to 11.45pm

Nation One’s collectively came together in 2013, each member contributing their own character and experience to solidify the dynamics of the band. A live party band and a trendsetter for the local night scene – since their inception, they have had a few residency gigs at the best bars and clubs in Singapore.

Their music entails of elements of top 40s covering from Pop, Rock, Retro Rnb and to the current sounds of electronic music. Always geared up to entertain the audience with their smashing sound, high energy performances and powerhouse vocals!