Membership App

The Timbre+ app is the handy tool you need for a visit to Timbre+!

It is a loyalty programme and store credit app whereby customers can top up their store credits on the app and use it to pay for purchases at Timbre+. The app comes with loads of benefits such as a 10% discount* on purchases at Timbre+ from participating food partner and Bottle Shop, e-vouchers, birthday perks, invites to gigs and more.

It will even have a mobile ordering function that will be launched soon. That means you can order from the comfort of your seat and save on the hassle of queuing at the stalls!

All you need to do is to download the app here, top up the store credits at the top up kiosks on the premises and start tapping away.

1-FOR-1 Deals Now Available on Timbre+ App!


You can now enjoy DOUBLE the yumminess at just the price of ONE from our selected food partners! Starting off with Hungry Thai, look forward to more exciting 1-For-1 deals as we work to have more food partners onboard.

Get yours now the next time you’re at Timbre+ by tapping on the “Voucher” tab to purchase! You simply have to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your Timbre+ app store credits to purchase the voucher. Limited quantities are available so the early birds get the deals here! Oh wait, please only purchase the vouchers when you’re at Timbre+ as food is prepared by the kitchen immediately after voucher purchase.

Start feasting away! If you don’t have the Timbre+ app yet, then download it here!

It is a loyalty programme and store credit app whereby customers can top up their store credits on the app and use it to pay for purchases at Timbre+. Plus, the app comes with loads of benefits such as e-vouchers, birthday perks, invites to gigs and more.

Because you enjoy a 10% discount* when you pay with the Timbre+ app! But there is no further discount on the $1 tray deposit.

* Terms and conditions apply. For selected value combos or promotional items, participating food partners and Bottle Shop will not extend an extra 10% discount when payment is made the app.

No fee is required. All you have to do is to download the app from here, top up store credits and start using it to pay.

Once you have store credits in your app, Timbre+ is your oyster! Simply go to any participating food partner stalls or Bottle Shop, order your food and drink, inform the cashier that you would like to pay with the app, scan the QR code on the app with the scanner at the cashier area and walk off like a superstar!

Yep! Cost of the food and drink you have ordered will be automatically deducted from your store credits in the app.

Most of our food partners are participating in this programme. However, there are a few who are not on board yet. We advise that you check with staff at the stalls. All participating stalls will carry bright red wobblers as identification.

You cannot use the app to buy tobacco as well. Quitting smokes may be a better alternative –just sayin’!

You can only purchase the item so long as you have enough store credits balance. Food partners and Bottle Shop will not accept a combination of payment using app and other methods for a single transaction.

Here is the list of current participating stalls which we will be updating frequently. Terms and conditions may vary at each stall so please check with their staff if you have any questions.

#01-01 JC Nasi Lemak
#01-03 Muslim Food Always No. 1
#01-04/05 The World Is Flat
#01-06 Wong Kee Wanton Noodles
#01-07 Kopifellas
#01-09 Ayam Penyet
#01-10 Hao Mixed Food
#01-11 Jokomie
#01-12 Teh Tarik
#01-13 J&S Fruits and Drinks
#01-14 Fishball Story
#01-15 Coffee Station
#01-16 Wang Jiao Ban Mian
#01-17 Geylang Prawn Noodles
#01-18 Nam Heng Chicken Rice
#01-19 Fruits & Juices
#01-20 Mixed Food
#01-21 Teppei Daidokoro
#01-22 Udders Ice Cream
#01-23 Kueh Kueh
#01-24 Drink Station
#01-26 Rong Ma Curry Rice
#01-27 Iskina Cebu Singapore
#01-29 XLX (coming soon)
#01-30 Two Wings
#01-31 Food Anatomy
#01-32 CHAR Express
#01-33 Cracking Concepts
#01-34 Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh
#01-35 Big Bern’s American Grill
#01-41 Bottle Shop


At Timbre+, go to either the Bottle Shop or the two bright red kiosks to top up. Kiosks accept both cash (exact change for kiosks) and NETS for top up. Make sure that that is YOUR username on the kiosk screen before you start topping up.

Bottle Shop only accepts cash for top up.



The minimum top up at kiosks is $2. If you wish to top up any lesser than $2, please head over to Bottle Shop.

Once you have topped up, you will receive a printed receipt which will show the amount you have topped up and your store credits balance. The new store credits balance will also be reflected immediately on the app (do refresh the app if you do not see your revised balance). You can also go to the Past Transactions section of the app to view your past top ups.

You can check your Profile on the app. If you scan the QR code found on the app at the kiosk, the store credits balance will also be reflected on the screen of the kiosk.


Nope. It is your money. And money does not expire.

Yes, you can. You can email us at with your request and we will make necessary arrangements with you.

Yes, you will be able to view both store credit top ups and purchase transactions.. Go to Past Transactions section of the app. Please note that you can only view transactions of the 30 days. Your total spend and top ups reflected on the top of this section are also for the past 30 days as well.

You will receive a notification in your app and see the e-voucher in the Vouchers section. Upon usage, e-voucher will disappear from your app.


Yes, they do. Please do check the e-voucher details for expiry date. Expiry dates for e-vouchers vary. Please use the e-voucher before the expiry date. Expired e-voucher will remain in your app for seven days and disappear after that.

You will receive your birthday perk as an e-voucher seven days before your birthday. It is valid for 30 days upon issuance of e-voucher.

You can use the Timbre+ app so long as you have a Singapore mobile number. Unfortunately, verification of app usage is not applicable on non-Singapore mobile numbers yet.

For security reasons, you are unable to change your personal information on the app direct. You can write in to us at with your request for us to run necessary verification checks and update your personal information.

So long as you have registered your existing mobile number as an user of the app, we can identify you with your existing mobile number. This means that you can use another mobile phone, re-download the app and sign in with that existing mobile number. When you do that, your store credits remain the same even when you switch (physical) mobile phones.

If you have changed your mobile number however, please contact us at so we can make necessary verification checks and update your personal information.