Kerbside Drive-Thru Pickup

Skip the queue! Takeout will never be the same again with Kerbside Drive-Thru Pickup. With 13 unique first-of-its-kind units, there is no need to stick to one cuisine. Mix & match your orders from our food stalls! 

Preorder from your Timbre+ app, select your preferred timing, pay via your mobile and pick up in the convenience of your car and be out in a jiffy! Yes! It is that easy! (15 minutes parking grace period at Expo.)

Our food partners have various operating hours and all orders are to be placed 30 minutes in advance. We are located outside Expo Hall 5

Follow these 5-easy-steps to start your first kerbside drive-thru pickup!
Kerbside food stalls include:

Ajiya Okonomiyaki
Zi Jia Yong Tau Foo
Lao Niang De Dian
Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak
Wolf Burger
Don Sha BBQ

Look through FAQ

Upon downloading the Timbre+ app, go to your profile page. Then, click on the Kerbside @ Expo button to view participating Kerbside food partners. 

Download the Timbre+ app at
* Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

No, we do not accept Cash On Delivery payments at the Kerbside for security reasons. Instead, download the Timbre+ App to Preorder and pay using a credit card.

There is a 15 minutes grace period for all vehicles at the Singapore Expo Carpark. 

Singapore Expo Parking Rates

First Hour: $1.20
Second Hour: $1.20
Every subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof: $1.20

We are located at 1 Expo Drive, outside Hall 5, Carpark B

Check your order confirmation page; look for the unit number above the windows. Drive towards the window, flash your confirmation order to collect!

Orders need to be placed 30 minutes before pick-up time. You may call +65 9850 5769 to check with our operations team to add your order.

Cancellations are subjected to the food partner’s discretion. The credit card payment will be immediate; thus, the refund will be processed and returned after two working days.

Preorders are limited to the same day as collection. Operation hours for each food partner may differ

You may call our operations team at +65 9850 5769 for assistance or email us at

Yes, you will be able to view both credit top-ups and purchase transactions. However, please note that you can only view transactions for up to 30 days.

You will receive a notification in your app and see the e-voucher within the voucher section. Upon redemption, the e-voucher will disappear automatically from the app.

Yes, they do expire. Please check the details on the e-voucher for expiry date. Please use the e-voucher before expiry date. Expired e-voucher will remain in your app for up to 7 days and it will disappear automatically after.

You can use the Timbre+ app if you have a Singapore mobile number. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify app usage for foreign mobile numbers.

For security reasons, you cannot change your personal information on the Timbre+ app directly. However, you can write to us at with your request for us to run necessary verification checks before updating your personal information.

The account and Timbre+ credits are registered with your mobile number. However, all is not lost; download the Timbre+ app again on your new mobile phone, and sign in with the old mobile number. Please email us at to update the old mobile number to the latest mobile number.

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