Yu En (余恩) Fish Broth

Food is sacred

Yu En Fish Broth believes in providing a mindful eating experience for today’s time-poor and highly stressed out working crowd, through its unique (Japanese inspired) take on the local classic 鱼片汤.

Japanese style of making ramen broth is similar to that of many local soups where there is a body (broth), with added seasonings (moto-dare) and flavoured oils. The difference however, is that the Japanese technique is more precise and refined, where every element and every step serves a specific purpose and has its own time and place.

Yu En Fish Broth is developed with our local classic in mind while adopting a Japanese style of broth making. The broth was developed under the guidance of world renowned Japanese Ramen Master – Mr Kaoru Fuji (founder of Yamato Ramen School).

At Yu En Fish Broth, the base broth, moto-dare (seasonings) and flavoured oils are prepared from scratch, with no added MSG. Every ingredient has its time and place in the final dish.The end result is a light and yet full bodied fish broth that is noticeably more refined in taste.

What is different about Yu En Fish Broth?

The Fish. Aside from the Japanese influence, our strength is also in the freshest of our ingredients. Yu En Fish Broth uses fresh Mackerel (better known locally as “Batang”) which is smooth and succulent. The fish slices are cut with a precise hand to ensure a broad and thick appearance to dial up the appeal of our fish broth even before they start eating. Unlike many traditional soups, there is no pork or chicken used to prepare the soup.

Special Dry Noodles. There is no question that the star of the show is our fish broth. To bring out the flavours of the broth to an even higher level, we created the Yu En Special Dry Noodles. Just as the broth is light yet surprising full bodied, the noodle has a strong flavour designed to assault your senses in waves from the bite and flavour from our silver fish chilli mix, to the crunchy crispy fish skin. It is an unusual and bold pairing, but we guarantee that it will hit the spot!



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