XLX Modern Tze Char

Say white bee hoon and it’s likely a pale, slightly wet wok-fried version comes to mind. That’s not the white bee hoon at XLX.

“Ours is soupier, cooked in a flavourful pork bone and chicken stock that’s been stewed for more than 10 hours,” says Ting Boon Kai, 40, co-proprietor of XLX. “It’s not too oily and thus popular with ladies and health-conscious diners.”

XLX is the brainchild of Boon Kai and his childhood friend, Keng Pei Sieh. Originally from Changkat Kruing, Sitiawan, Perak, the two set up the first Xin Long Xing three years ago. Now, counting the stall at the hawker centre, they have five outlets; the other four are at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Hoe Chiang Road, Jalan Sultan, and Yishun Park Hawker Centre.

Besides white bee hoon, which comes in variations with seafood (an assortment of prawns, squid and lala clams), sea prawns, lala, crayfish or lobster, the stall offers a menu of 40 tze char items, including their own-developed recipes.

One original creation is chilli crabmeat seafood hor fun. “We have combined two dishes that Singaporeans love, but lightened up the chilli crab sauce so that it is not too rich,” says Boon Kai.

Another unique dish is lala in Chinese yellow rice wine. Boon Kai says that this clam soup dish, which has a sweet and herbal flavour, is a favourite for supper. “It is a great choice if you want something that satisfies your hunger pangs but is still light,” he says.



opening hours

Monday to Sunday 11am to 10.30pm