Warung K

After opening his first hawker venture in mid-June 2018, Chef Ken Zheng is back with a flagship outlet right here at Timbre+.

Besides the crowd favourites like Ayam Bakar, customers can expect bigger and more exciting menu such as Chilled Indomie, Steak Bakar, Sate Madura and Hokkaido Squid Bakar. Grilling his ingredients on the spot and carefully glazing them to give each dish a smoky, charred aroma, Chef Ken ofers customers a meal with a whole other dimension of flvaours. Every single element was well-thought and made with care – from the refreshing lawar salad to the fiery sambal chilli and fragrant turmeric rice.

Over at this flagship outlet, you may even go healthy by changing the rice to Balinese-style quinoa for their Signature Bakar Sets.

“The Indonesia-grill cuisine is very much similar to Peranakan cooking; there’s a large use of fresh spices and ingredients, and this is the cornerstone of Warung K. For example, the fish served in Ikan Bakar varies daily according to what is fresh each day, customers get nothing but the best.”

Time to feast!


opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 11am – 9pm
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