Two Wings

“because one just isn’t enough.”

Armed with his granduncle’s secret 40-year old recipe, founder Chef Jeremy Loh started Two Wings in the hope of bringing this special recipe that has been passed down for generations to greater heights. Training extensively in the myriad ways of wing-fu with the master, Chef Jeremy emerged as a man ready to take down Singapore with a recipe that has been tweaked to accommodate to modern taste-buds and yet still retaining its original flavors.

Two Wings has always stood by the credo of using premium ingredients and practices. The chicken served here is fried only upon ordering to ensure that freshness is guaranteed. In fact, Chef Jeremy meticulously massages his chicken wings every morning to remove the excess overnight marinade. Two Wings prides itself in using premium sesame oil along with their secret batter recipe, which results in a delicious “take-two hit combo” of chicken wings that are both crispy and non-greasy even after a few hours.

Two Wings’ humble beginnings started in 2014, out of a canteen stall in Kelang. Since then, they have now expanded into outlets located at Essen at The Pinnacle and as well as its latest addition at Timbre+. Today, Two Wings is known as the place to get your nostalgic whiff of 1970s fried chicken with a touch of modern dining ambience.

As a food joint, Two Wing proudly believes in a “take two!” philosophy. Two Wings has stepped up in their social mission to help out inmates and ex-offenders through the Yellow Ribbon project, where they engage them, take them in, teach and guide them, and eventually welcome them into the Two Wing family. Two Wings have also participated in charity initiatives, such as the President’s Challenge.

Two Wings believes that good food only tastes all the better when balanced out with a helping hand.


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Two Wings - Burger A4


Promotion: Boneless Chicken Rice for only $5

You can never go wrong with a good ol’ plate of boneless chicken rice! Two Wings presents their rendition of this traditional dish in 3 different flavours for you to choose from! Starting at $5, grab your plate of savoury goodness from Monday – Friday, until 3pm.

Promotion: Truffle Fries at $9.90 

If you haven’t had a taste of Two Wing’s Truffle Fries, you’re missing out! Grab yours to share with your friends at $9.90!


opening hours

Monday to Thursday, 11am – 10pm
Friday to Saturday, 11am – 11pm
Sunday, Closed
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