Teppei Daidokoro

The Chef Teppei’s spirit – serving honest food, with hard work, and a dose of humor.

Teppei Daidokoro is the latest Japanese yakitori concept of Chef Teppei Yamashita. Teppei Daidoroko (“Daidokoro” means “kitchen” in Japanese) brings Chef Teppei’s characteristic high quality and reasonably-priced Japanese food with a focus on yakitori (Japanese skewers) into Timbre+.

Chef Teppei spent many months formulating and perfecting his own special charcoal infused yakitori sauce set to give an intensely charcoal-flavours for yakitori lovers out there.  His yakitori menu includes chicken meatball, chicken thigh, chicken with Japanese leek, pork belly, pork sausages, salmon belly, quail eggs and many more. Expect surprising new variety to the yakitori menu – bound to go well with a beer in hand!

In addition, Teppei fans can also enjoy the signature Kaisen Don (sashimi rice bowl), grilled/deep-fried breaded bentos/dons and Hokkaido croquettes.

For the month of November, check out Teppei Daidokoro’s ramen menu!


New Menu at Teppei Daidokoro! 

Kimino Don by Teppei (meaning ‘Your Don”) is a new concept out of the Japanese tradition, created by head Chef, Watanabe-San. He is constantly challenging himself to create new ideas to fit in to the trend. This new Don is healthy, light and fun and is suitable for everyone as you can design your very own Don. There are 4 steps to creating your every own Kimino Don. Simply select your choice of Base, Mains, Sauces, Toppings or premium toppings.

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Spicy Salmon Kimino Don:





opening hours

Monday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm | 4pm – 10pm
Friday to Saturday, 10am – 3pm | 4pm – 10.30pm
Sunday, Closed

Teppei Daidokoro will be closed for Chinese New Year from 27th Jan to 31st Jan 2017. Business will resume on 1st Feb 2017.
Please check T+ Scoop on Home for latest updates on opening days and hours.