Savour Delights

Savour Delights created Korean BBQ rice bowls with the wish to let people enjoy a meal of barbecued meat without having to bear with the smoke, heat and long cooking time.

With 16 years of culinary experience in Western, authentic Korean and Korean-Chinese cuisine, Savour Delights is very particular about the preparation of their food. From the marinating of the meat, to cooking and serving, the chef ensures that everything is done from scratch and they only cooked to order.

All their meat have been marinated with the chef’s secret-recipe sauce and customers get to choose from 3 types of sauce to top off their rice bowls; Korean Spicy Paste, Nacho Cheese and Mayonnaise. All the sauces are carefully selected to blend with the original flavour of the rice bowl.

Customers are recommended to try their BBQ Beef Rice Bowl / Glass Noodles for their tender, juicy and marbling beef slices with fresh vegetables by the side. They also served a healthier version of Jap Chae ( glass noodles) and you could choose your preferred type of meat to go with it.


opening hours

Monday – Friday, 11am – 6pm.