Food Anatomy

“Good food, designed for a good time.”

Where design meets culinary.

Food Anatomy is not only about serving delicious food but every dish must also look beautiful. They define beauty not from the conventional way of culinary plating, instead, the aesthetic of each dish is developed more as a graphic design project. They want our customers to feast with both their eyes and mouth!

Every meal at Food Anatomy consist of a choice of 3 dishes. Assemble a meal from a wide variety of 40 dishes. Depending on individual preference, customers are free to mix and match any of the warm and cold dishes, the desserts and salads.

Each meal is intentionally designed to consist of three modular dishes to encourage group of friends to share and try a variety of dishes. Imagine a group of 4 friends would have a platter of 12 different dishes to share and enjoy. Perfect for gatherings, parties or even meetings.

These delicious cubes are at $3 each (recommended 3 cubes for a satisfied meal), available at weekday nights and all day long for weekends.

Set meals are also available at $8.90 for 2 cubes with side salad, and a canned drink or $10.90 for 3 cubes with side salad and a canned drink!

Hearty Salad Bowls from $6.80! 

Choose from 1 base and 5 sides for a hearty salad bowl at just $6.80! Top up $3 for warm proteins such as Paprika Chicken Breast and Roasted Angus Beef. Available from Mon-Fri lunch (11am-2.30pm), Mon-Thurs dinner (5.30pm-9.30m) and Fri-Sat dinner (5.30pm-10pm).


opening hours

Monday to Thursday, 11am – 2.30pm | 5.30pm – 10pm
Friday to Saturday, 11am – 2.30pm | 5.30pm – 11pm
Sunday, Closed

Please check T+ Scoop on Home for latest updates on opening days and hours.