Chit Chaat Chai

Entwining traditional flavours from North India with the snack-bar atmosphere of the West, Chit Chaat Chai embarks on a mission to reinvent Indian street food in Singapore. By serving savoury bites in a Middle-Eastern caravanserai (roadside inn) setting, eating these mouth-watering, belly-filling Indian delights can never be a wrong choice!

What’s in the Chit Chaat Chai name?

The name is from the punning of the English ‘chit-chat’ word for conversation and the Hindi word ‘Chaat’ which refers to a variety of snacks. Finally, to quench that thirst, they add a fitting beverage to a delectable meal – a hot cup of Indian tea, also fondly known as ‘Chai’ in the multi-cultural subcontinent! Mix these ingredients together and we present to you – an alliterated, amusing concept backed by an even more pleasing menu to bring you back to the streets of India.

Late lunch? Fret not! In the month of November, Chit Chaat Chai has got these special set menus from 3 pm onwards:

Naan Set

Consists of one plain naan, tandoor chicken, yellow dal and green salad for just $9.50.

Satay Varieties

Mutton Satay (8 Pieces) for $8
Chicken Satay (8 Pieces) for $7
Mushroom Satay (8 Pieces) for $8
Assorted Satay (12 Pieces) for $11

Batura Set

Batura with Chole (Channa Masala) with choice of coffee or tea at $7.50 or with mango lassi at $8.50


opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9.30am – 10pm
Sunday, Closed
Please check T+ Scoop on Home for latest updates on opening days and hours.