Michael Lim & Willin Low

Chef Michael Lim is the third generation hawker and owner of Roxy Laksa. He is the grandson of Mr. Lim Kiok Seng, the original hawker who first started the famous family-run hawker business in 1952.

Originally located at Roxy Cinema, their nyonya-style laksa was so famous that it coined the nomenclature “Katong Laksa” and set the standard for what great laksa is.  In 1978, with the sale of Roxy Cinema, the business moved to East Coast Lagoon Food Village where it has been for the last 44 years.

Chef Michael Lim has been operating out of East Coast Lagoon Food Village for the last 38 years and has garnered old and new fans of the famous signature laksa recipe.

Earlier this year, Chef Willin Low made weekly visits to Roxy Laksa as part of an apprenticeship with Chef Michael Lim. Chef Willin is a noted regular of Roxy Laksa for over 20 years. Over three months, Chef Willin learnt the recipe and technique of making the signature dish, and became fast friends with Chef Michael. When it was time to contemplate succession planning, it was obvious who could pick up the baton.

As an avid advocate of the hawker scene in Singapore, Chef Willin Low together with Chef Mike Lim began plans to develop a new concept store and relocation to Timbre+.

“The inspiration behind Wild Rocket is Singapore’s hawker fare. If we do not preserve it, we will lose everything,” explains Chef Willin Low, when asked what motivated him to take this on. “I always tell people to support our hawkers.”

Chef Michael Lim continues his tradition of making great laksa at his new outlet at Timbre+. This ensures artisanal integrity of the dish remains intact.



Michael Lim & Willin Low