Jon Wong

Chef Jon Wong, founder of  Yu En (余恩) Fish Broth, was the Country Leader of a modest multinational outfit managing a well-known consumer brand, with over 15 years of track record in the FMCG industry. All of these ended on 31 December 2016. His story is about courage.

Obsessed With Great Food

Real food, real simple.

For as long as Jon can remember, he derives great pleasure from cooking. He started cooking for his family as a teenager. Fast forward 30 years and he still is just as obsessed with creating and sharing good food. He likes his food to have a taste of home.

Food is sacred. He wants his food to connect with diners and encourage mindful eating. He plans to take a well-loved comfort food and enrich it with healthier ingredients and add on fresh elements, while still preserving its familiar form and aroma.

Jon Wong

Chef-owner Jon Wong