Udders Ice Cream


Udders Ice Cream is an award-winning, fun, casual, quirky ice cream cafe that offers mouth-watering unique flavours of ice cream with a big dose of cheeky humour. Who else would name their ice cream brand after a cow’s ahem ….. tits? Famous for its amazing Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream and potent liqueur flavours such as Orange Choc BittersTM, Tira-Miss-uTM and Rum Rum RaisinTM, Udders’ menu is sure to make you go ooo, or should we say mooo?

Exclusive to Timbre+, Udders is offering mouth-watering Brulee French Toast lovingly paired with Strawberries & Cream, Nutella Banana, Cookie Crumble and others! Or try their light, fluffy, crispy Waffles. Or the Monster Cone. Or the blow-me-away Sundaes. Or the …… think you better come down!

Hot Brûlée Toast – Exclusive to Timbre+

Butter & Maple Syrup
Salted butter, maple syrup, whipped cream.

Nutella Banana 
Hazel’s Nuts ice-cream, Brûlée bananas, Nutella drizzle, toasted almonds and fresh whipped cream.

Strawberries & Cream
Fresh strawberries, condensed milk, whipped cream, Vanilla Beanz ice-cream, strawberry coulis, chopped pistachios.

Cookie Crumble
Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla ice cream, oreo cookies, speculoos cookie crumble, salted caramel, and fresh whipped cream.

Chocolate Meltdown
Chocolatey Kit Kat ice cream, crunchy chocolate balls, white chocolate shavings, chocolate sauce, toasted almonds and fresh whipped cream.

Half n’ Half Promotion:

Half-and-half promotion for new ice cream toast! Half toast for half price everyday, except Friday and Saturday after 6pm. Have a try! 


opening hours

Monday to Thursday, 12pm – 11pm
Friday & Saturday, 1pm – 10pm
Sunday, Closed.
Please check T+ Scoop on Home for latest updates on opening days and hours.