Roxy Laksa

Award-winning Roxy Laksa, one of the pioneers of the Katong Laksa phenomenon is a 64 year-old Nyonya laksa recipe that has weathered through the ebb and flow of Singapore’s economy since 1952.

Started by Mr. Lim Kiok Seng with his cart parked outside the Roxy Theatre, the humble recipe has been passed down to the current 3rd generation runner, Mr. Lim’s grandson, Michael Lim.

Roxy Laksa relocated to its current home at Timbre+ in 2016. Due to a shortage of successors, many hawkers’ craft will die out once this generation of hawkers cease operations. Roxy Laksa’s mission is to not only solve the shortage of manpower by making good quality hawker dishes via a production kitchen but also to use cutting edge food technology to prolong the shelf life of the dishes (without harming the nutrients of the ingredients). Roxy Laksa spearhead this project.  If successful, other potential hawkers will be able to adapt their business to the same model based on this prototype.

In addition, Roxy Laksa intends to brand and market the stall in a more contemporary manner in order to ensure it stays relevant not only to a new generation of Singaporeans but also to a larger export market.

The pilot stall will be run by Mr. Michael Lim to not only to ensure he continues to do what he loves, but also to ensure artisanal integrity remains intact.


opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9am – 6pm
Sunday, Closed

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