Chit Chaat Chai

Entwining traditional flavours from North India with the snack-bar atmosphere of the West, Chit Chaat Chai embarks on a mission to reinvent Indian street food in Singapore. By serving savoury bites in a Middle-Eastern caravanserai (roadside inn) setting, eating these mouth-watering, belly-filling Indian delights can never be a wrong choice!

What’s in the Chit Chaat Chai name?

The name is from the punning of the English ‘chit-chat’ word for conversation and the Hindi word ‘Chaat’ which refers to a variety of snacks. Finally, to quench that thirst, they add a fitting beverage to a delectable meal – a hot cup of Indian tea, also fondly known as ‘Chai’ in the multi-cultural subcontinent! Mix these ingredients together and we present to you – an alliterated, amusing concept backed by an even more pleasing menu to bring you back to the streets of India.


opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9.30am – 10pm
Sunday, Closed
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